Metal case --1(Aluminium alloy) , Use Aluminum magnesium alloy : (50 Series Containing Magnesium amount Between 3-5%),CNC cutting out perfectly fine metal case ,Polishing,Oxidation into AE PRO Series.
Insulating case--2 (POM Plastic),Use POM Material,With high hardness,Mechanical strength、high steel,High wear,High insulation properties.
Metal--1 + Plastic--2,Combined special shell combination of AE PRO series. Particularity:First layer of aluminum alloy can greatly reduce the external magnetic field,Micro-current interference,It has good noise immunity;Second layer High density POM plastic,Very strong Insulation performance and high hardness,high steel,To achieve good dampingm,Mechanical and electrical connectors non-resonant body effect.Perfect combination,Give us a better power supply.
AE PRO metal electrode main use of raw materials beryllium bronz,Characterized by High strength, elasticity, hardness, fatigue strength, wear resistance, high conductivity, non-magnetic,Shock does not produce sparks series of excellent physical、Chemical and strength properties.
After machining,hand-polished,production beryllium bronz metal electrode conductor,plating copper surface treatment、surface bright nickel plating layer→silver coating→rhodium plating again eventually form the surface layer→temperature -196℃ processing.
Increasing the density of the metal、Hardness and toughness
Metal contact portion between the conductor and the metal wire,use bump safety design,perfect contact.can withstand the pull of 8 kg,Super high strength clamping force,Put an end to distortion of mechanical vibration.
Cable retainer,use the inlaid copper nut plastic clip,It can withstand 30 kg of tension.
AE PRO series all screws are made of non-magnetic good mechanical properties,High strength,corrosion prevention stainless steel screws.
Plug member,use Germany PBT + GF 30% (contains a mixture of high density fiberglass plastic material,has a high density,high steel,anti High temperature,anti shock,retardant、EP plastic.)
V / A specify: 15A /125 VAC.
Install cable diameter : 6mm-20mm.