Special Alloy Pro

Metal case --1(Aluminium alloy) , Use Aluminum magnesium alloy : (50 Series Containing Magnesium amount Between 3-5%),CNC cutting out perfectly fine metal case ,Polishing,Oxidation into AE PRO Series.

Insulating case--2 (POM Plastic),Use POM Material,With high hardness,Mechanical strengthhigh steel,High wear,High insulation properties.

Metal--1 + Plastic--2,Combined special shell combination of AE PRO series. Particularity:First layer of aluminum alloy can greatly reduce the external magnetic 

field,Micro-current interference,It has good noise immunity;Second layer High density POM plastic,Very strong Insulation performance and high hardness,high steel,To achieve good dampingm,Mechanical and electrical connectors non-resonant body effect.Perfect combination,Give us a better power supply.