Professional grade audio equipment

100% pure RED copper raw materials in Japan .

Hand Made polished metal conductor,Metal cryogenic - 196 degrees low temperature treatment,Increase the density of metal, hardness and impact toughness.

Metal conductor and the contact portion between the metal wire,Use of concave and convex security design,Perfect contact,Can withstand the pull of 8KG,prevent fall off.

Cable stationary use inlaid brass nut plastic clip,Can withstand 30KG weight.

Unique design planar contacts IEC clip,larger contact area and stable.

Front, use German Poly carbonate,High temperature resistant,Impact resistant,Flame retardant,Environmental protection plastic.

Shell is 40MM Solid Aluminum rod after CMC numerical control machining,oxidation Aluminium film plated,Excellent noise reduction function,Is also the best frequency extension and improve material quality.

specified V/ A:15A/125V A.C.

Install the cable diameter:6mm-20mm